Lurdy ház, 1st floor conference room No. 7.

  • Lurdy Ház is barrier-free accessible fromt the outdoor parking lot and the underground car park.
  • The building has several elevators, the floors on the elevator ‘s control panel are marked with Braille and embossed numbers as well.
  • Barrier-free accessible and usable toilets are provided on the first floor near the events center .
  •  Loud map is also downloadable audio file in mp3 format, which leads inside the building to the office and the conference rooms. For exchange your identity card, you can also borrow an mp3 player at information desk on the ground floor.
  • On the 1st floor in the area of ​​the conference center the routes to the room no. 7 and cloakroom are marked.
  • The contrasting coloring at the door serves an informational poster that describes the ETIKK center supporters .
  • Contrasting colored inscription , legible capital letters directional signs
  • Pictogram and Braille labeled room name plate placed near the door.
  • In the conference room ergonomically adjustable furniture were purchased , and its work tables are suitable for left and right handed use also. . 60 without a work -table and 10 chairs with armrests were purchased with orange , red and beige trim in youthfully modern style.
  • The proper arrangement of the furniture in the room for wheelchairs sufficient free space to maneuver
  • We provide appropriate acoustic conditions for the deafs and lighting for the lip reading , sign language interpretation in order to apply.
  • 1 pc induction loop amplifier system installed on the Baseboards . The inductive loop location – on the room name plate – indicated that the hearing-impaired person can adjust the hearing aid receive signals through inductive. Installing the induction loops supporting measurements carried out in accordance with IEC 60118-4 the standard. 1pc control unit purchased for the operation.
  • Writing Interpreting, taking notes and providing sign language interpretation services
  • The notes , writing interpretation portable laptop , projector and projection screen can be provided in case of special needs .



If you have a hearing-impaired , disabled , visually impaired  participant of the conference , their needs can be satisfied, if you choose the room.


This also supports efforts that objects , applications, physical and info-communication environment around us has to be designed for everyone , so for people with different disabilities in suitable , accessible.






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